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Witch Kit - Herbology Starter kit

$35.00 CAD $45.00 CAD


This Witch kit is chocked full of herbs.

Each kit come with 9 vials of herbs.

Rose Petals -
Mugwort - sleep.visions.beginnings
Lavender - courage.clarity.anxiety.intuition
Cat Nip - acceptance.dream work.spirit.happiness
Mullein - Balance.purpose.honesty.psychic ability
Stinging Nettle - defense.justice.boundries.calm
Calendula -
Blue Sage - balance.grounding.purificaition
Licorice - domination in love. control

These can be used in spells incense and charms.
All organic and wild crafted. Grown in Canada.

Would go perfectly with the Herbology e-book that can be purchased + down loaded here!