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Thor's Blood Candle - Limited Release

$20.00 CAD

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Thor Blood Candle was created with the intention to bring you the strength of Thor.
It can be used to invoke inner strength and clarity during decision making!

Thor the Norse god of thunder is the defender of the Aesir Gods and their home Asgard. His courage, sense of duty and physical strength is unmatched. Calling in his energy for this incense was empowering and reassuring.

The intention wasn't for these to be pink......but seeing Thor was know for not seeing the lines between gender like his brother feels like a perfect fit! The dragons blood turned them the colour Thor intended.

*do not burn for longer than an hour at a time. And keep the wick trimmed for even burning.

Use in spells to INVOKE: inner strength, clarity in decision making

Ingredients: wild crafted pine needles, wild crafted juniper berries, dragons-blood resin, pine scotch essential oil, juniper essential oil, 500 year old oak oil, peppermint oil

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