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The Practical Witches Spellbook

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This Spell book for love happiness and success has a good feel to it. Having it now for about a month. I’m continually finding something new that’s interesting. I’ve just about got all the ingredients needed, whether to make aromatic sprays, Chant Spells, burn candles. Use gem and crystal stones, essential oils spices, herbs for mojo bags. Smudging ingredients etc. I absolutely recommend this lovely Magick book to anyone that is seeking Abundance and happiness to fill & enter their life. I cleansed my car inside and out and she’s shining like a Gem. Now it’s my home that will get Smudged and throughly cleansed for New Year. Plus I am going to make some Witchery at the office too, to cleanse that as well. I advise anyone buying this lovely book to read it to experience that good feeling and from there you can keep book marks in your favourite places to easily find that special recipe you seek. Thank you so much Cerridwen Greenleaf for writing this special Magick book for us.