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The Class of 1983 - Victoria Maxwell

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The Class of 1983 by Victoria Maxwell  aka The New Age Hipster

When Jack gets a second chance at love, he knows he has to take it, even if it means leaving his entire life behind and time travelling to 1984.

Jack can’t wait to leave his high school tormentors, his ex and his junior office clerk job in the past. But living in 1984 isn’t the bright future he’d hoped for either. Working as a server at the diner and sleeping on his English teacher’s couch was not part of the plan.

But a trip to LA changes everything. Jack comes up with an idea for how he can make a lot of money from this time travelling thing, and he meets someone who turns his whole world around.

Will Jack heed the warnings of using time travel for financial gain? Even if it means all his wildest dreams could come true?

And will Jack finally find true love?

Find out in Summer of 1984, the follow up to the Amazon best seller Class of 1983.

Like a Back to the Future Part II, Valley Girl and Sixteen Candles mash-up with a dash of Sweet Valley High for good measure, this is a story about facing your demons, heartache and hope, and the power to choose who you want to be in the future.