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Love Spell by The WOOshop

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Love Spell

Invoking LOVE is something that doesn't come easy for many of us.
Wether it is self love, intimate love or platonic love. Getting to know yourself and your body is at the FOUNDATIONS of Witchcraft.


Take love into your own hands with this essential oil love potion. With the pure intention of love crafted into it, this potion contains Ylang-ylang, Jasmin, Peppermint, and Grapeseed carrier oil.


To top off the potion, rose quartz a.k.a the stone of love and rose petals are added to make this not only an amazing smelling potion.....but also visually pleasing to they eye. Not only is rose quartz good with romantic love but also with strengthening familial and self love bonds.


Start spreading some love!

Ingredients: Peppermint, Jasmin, Ylang Ylang, Grapeseed oil

Directions: Apply to pulse points, temples, neck, wrists or behind ears. It can also be use to anoint magical tools. If you desire more love in your life. Rub on your pulse points and roll towards your heart drawing love to you!

Roller balls are a 30% dilution
Dropper bottles are a 50% dilution
Spray bottles are a 13% dilution

All potions can be used in spells and for anointing candles.

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