Healing through the phases

Healing through the phases

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People have gathered under the moon in ritual since time and eternity. This four part ritual healing will allow you to come fully in sync with the moon and your own energetic cycle.

Meditation - lead by Emma and specific to the moon phase

Moon Lesson - getting to the root of why the moon is so important to us all.

Healing ritual - this will be a group healing. Emma’s energy healing is powerful and unique. Lifting people into their highest and greatest purpose. 


Starting August 4th with the New moon we will delve into how to set intentions and work with our energy though the phases.

August 11th and the Waxing gibbous moon we will learn how to trust our cycle and not over extend ourselves.

August 18th and the Full moon we will release all that no longer serves us. Making space for the abundance in our lives to show up.

August 25th and the Last Quarter gives us time to reflect on where we have been and where we want to go from here.

This four part series is perfect for people just starting on their spiritual journey or those who want to delve deeper into ritual and healing. 

If you have any questions send them to hello@emmasmallbone.com

Location: 6522 Gore Rd Puslinch,ON N0B 2J0

Time: 7:30pm-9:00pm