Embracing the Magic within ~ With Emma Smallbone and Candace Hawkshaw

Embracing the Magic within ~ With Emma Smallbone and Candace Hawkshaw

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This is a day long retreat for Goddesses looking to connect deeper with their personal practice and the magic that they hold within them.

Circle and Fire Ritual
Connecting with Source
Self Care - Self Talk
Embracing your energetic Cycle
Connecting to the elements

Sacred Womb & Yoni Wellness

Your womb and yoni hold the very sacred purpose of connecting you to mother earth, your heart, and your sacred partner. They are a sacred portal to multi dimensions. Your yoni has a consciousness.

Your womb and yoni store the energetic imprint of every intimate encounter, love making, or unconscious flow of energy in everyday life without you realizing it. Energy, loving or unloving, wanted or unwanted over years, even lifetimes, subconscious patterns, conditioning, suppressed emotions and psychic debris remain in your field. For centuries the female energy has been denied, oppressed and abused. Many women are carrying the pain and resentment passed onto them from their mothers, grandmothers, and female ancestors. These imprints may be affecting your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Did you know it may be possible to free yourself from any or all of these imprints that prevent you from fully living your joy, creativeness, worthiness, power, sensuality, sexuality, passion and purpose?

Consciously clearing your womb and yoni is a process, a beautiful journey of self love and discovery, creating wellness.

Emma Smallbone is a Seer and the Mistress of WOO
She has dedicated her life to sharing her knowledge of spirit and ritual with the world and is excited to be hosting this workshop to deepen your connection with source.

Candace Hawkshaw is a modern day mystic and all around beautiful soul.
She is a healer and a spiritual teacher and a child at heart. Her love for play and connecting with nature will be an amazing addition to this workshop.

Date: May 4th 2019
Location: The WOOshop ~ 6522 Gore Rd Puslinch, ON N0B 2J0
Cost: $200/attendee includes lunch