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Daily Magic Notepad / Grimoire Template

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Everything you need to get grounded, settled and focused for the day ahead. Bring some magic into your daily life by setting a phrase of intention or goal for your day, and then pick a handful of actions you'd like to take.

A daily tarot card practice is easy with dedicated space for your daily card pull. We've included space for you to include any reflections or observations about these energies during your day.

If you track the astrological weather, you can make notes of any major transits happening in the collective, and observe what's happening in your own birth chart.

At the end of the day, you can either stick them in your journal or grimoire for safekeeping, or you can simply recycle the pages and start fresh the next day.

Features: 50 tear-off pages 5.25 in x 5.25 in

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