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The Green Witch kit - Limited Release

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This Kit was created with the intention of connecting you to your inner Green Witch.

Have you ever wanted to create your own spells, potions and incenses but didn't know where to start? Or are you wanting to stock your shelves with some great basic spell items? Then this is the kit for you!


1 - Green Witches Grimoire
1 - Sage Bundle
5 - Large bottles of herbs intuitively picked by Emma
2 - charm bags
2  - witch balls
2 - large glass bottles for spell bottles 
1 - small bottle of dragons blood
1- tin to blend incense in
1- spray bottle
A rainbow of 9 candles

Want to make this kit beyond magickal? 
Add a mini Mentor session with Emma Smallbone Head WOOmate at The WOOshop.
She is a Seer, healer + mentor with the ability to connect to your ancestors and collective consiousness. She will help you tap into your inner witch + intuition.

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