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Ritual Candles

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These ritual Candles are perfect for candle magick.

The multiply the power of your spell and words by 100 fold.

These are the perfect size for burning during a ritual, small enough to burn within the hour......but burn long enough to seal the spell.

White: For purification, healing regeneration, improve your spirituality and connection to the Source of all things, for protection and used generally when not sure what colour to use.

Black: To absorb and remove negativity, unblocking, uncrossing, to get rid of bad habits and unwanted situations, to contact the ancestors, to honour death.

Yellow: for intellect, mental clarity, communication, to contact spirits, to summon and honour the element of Air, for an extra energy boost

Lavender: for love, friendship, romance, peace, for both physical and mental health, emotions, family relations, to heal the heart

Red: For passion, power, sex, speed, to summon and honour the element of Fire, for health and good vigour

Purple: tho empower your psychic abilities and your magical practices, For Dream magic, for attunement with Higher Realms

Orange: For creativity, inspiration, attention, expression and attraction, use as a road opener and in new ventures, to bring good luck and positivity in your life

Blue: for peace, calm, renewal, healing, protection (physical and psychic), for meditation, use in dream magic, job spells, weather spells, to summon and honour the element of Water 

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