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Cedar + Sage - Sacred Smoke

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Cedar + Sage

Sage has a long history of use in Egyptian, Roman, and Greek medicine, as well as in Native American healing traditions. Dried sage is burned as a way to heal, protect, increase wisdom, and boost defence against disease.

Cedar ( Arborvitae ) is a member of the cypress family. Known as the tree of immortality and is an allay in grief. Cedar is a ritual herb used in funerals and as an antibacterial. It can help 

Benefits of burning sage + cedar are believe to include:
  • Removing bacteria from the air
  • Repelling insects
  • Improving intuition
  • Purifying specific objects
  • Improving mood and reducing stress and anxiety.

To burn you can pinch into a pile and light with flame or use a charcoal puck in a heat proof vessel like a cauldron.

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