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Hi, I'm Emma Smallbone!

I am a seer, healer, and mentor who decided to add business owner to my list of mystical life paths. My goal with the WOOshop is to give a space for those who want to explore what the spiritual side has to offer. I put all my wisdom and heart into creating a safe place in the woods for people to feel drawn to on a personal level.

The WOOshop is a place for curious spirits, people seeking guidance, or witches wandering through the woods to come and find something for their own personal needs. From crystals, tarot decks, potions, and more, it is a one-stop shop for all your essential metaphysical needs.

I have been wandering throughout my life (probably past lives too) hoping to give people a sense of community within the realm of witchcraft. No matter your level of expertise in the craft, my little shop is packed full of something for everyone to indulge in. Don’t be shy about asking questions either, I’m here to guide you in any way I can.


I feel pain and trauma within your body. Working with your energy, I heal you by guiding you away from things no longer serving you in life and towards a life you desire.


I hear and connect with what the universe is calling for me to do. I can guide your soul to listen to who you want to be in the world.


My strength is to see your potential in all aspects of life. I was given this wisdom in life to inform you of the purpose of your life path.