About the Store.....


My intention is to make MAGIC real. For everyone!
Crystals and smudge/incense are no longer just for witches and spiritual beings.

They are tools that we can all use in our everyday lives.
Hold a Tigers eye in your hands and finally be able to make that decision that you have been pondering for months. Burn some white sage and the energy in your home will shift from anxious to calm.

This is the everyday MAGIC I am talking about.

I want to make MAGIC real, everyday.......for everyone.

WOObox was created in a field  under the full moon with the intention of sharing ceremonial practices.

WOObox provides monthly tool kits for lunar practices to enhance spiritual awakening and manifesting the Woo!

How the WOObox Works!!!

  • Sign up for monthly subscription ( 3, 6 or 12 months )
  • Your box will be delivered before the new moon
  • Instructions will be provided inside you Woo Box and on the FB page which you also receive access to with the monthly subscription
  • Every month will be a different collection of items to suit the season and the lunar phase....oils, teas, bath salts, crystals are some of the things you can expect to arrive on your doorstep.



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