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Medium Cauldron

$45.00 CAD


This cast iron triple goddess Cauldron is perfect for offerings and candle magic.

Measuring 4.25 inches across and just under 4 inches tall it is the perfect size for altar work!

What do you use your cauldron for?⁣

I love to use mine for candle magic and burning incense.⁣

But they have sooooooo many uses.⁣

⚡scrying.....divination via staring into the depths of a cauldron full of water.⁣

⚡blending incense⁣

⚡crystal holder.....just pile them in⁣

⚡ clearing using salt/herbs and oils ⁣

⚡an offering gifts to your chosen deities into the cauldron and place on your altar⁣

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