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Element Candle Kit - Limited Release

$22.00 CAD

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This amazing little kit comes with everything you need to open and close your circle.
  • a candle for each element

  • a container of matches with a strike in the lid

  • instructions on how to open and close the circle on stickers to put right in your book of shadows or journal! 

    These handcrafted candles contain specific elements of pure magic to conjure good intentions for you and the walks of life you go through. 

    Water + West is a white candle infused with a peppermint aroma. It contains soy wax, Himalayan salt, sage, amethyst chips, and peppermint essential oil.

    Earth + North is a black candle infused with cassia, giving it a scent similar to cinnamon hearts. It contains soy wax, cinnamon, dried orange, green aventurine, and cassia essential oil.

    Air + East is a white candle infused with the scent of lavender. It contains soy wax, lavender buds, amethyst crystal, and lavender essential oil.

    Fire + South is a white candle infused with the scent of balsam and cypress. It contains soy wax, juniper, garnet crystals and frankincense.

    * burn time per candle is 4hrs
    * do not leave unattended 
    * do not burn for longer than an hour at a time

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